After seeing this piece of jewelry everywhere, on TV, in your circle of friends and family, you might be wondering what the Hip Chain (or belly chain, waist chain) means to those who wear them, and that’s the question we’ll answer in this article today!

Hip Chain meaning?

Indeed, as you have seen, jewelry is increasingly incorporated into everyday outfits, for people who care about their style and seek to be as aesthetic as possible. Therefore, it is normal to see the appearance of different jewelry such as Hip Chains, as fashion seeks to push the style always further!

Thanks to their very aesthetic designs (we’ll talk about these positive points later in the article), hip jewelry has quickly become a standard to have in your jewelry store to accompany your outfits, but one question remains: What is the meaning of Hip Chains?

The answer can be multiple depending on the culture. Indeed, each culture has its own meaning to their hip jewelry, and that comes with a design different from each other.

Nevertheless, we often find a common theme among these different cultures and that is: the balance of energies, because the hip jewel is located at the center of your body. Thus, wearing a piece of jewelry at this place could emphasize your stability of mind, and your balance in your personality.

In other cultures, the meaning may be more superstitious as in some African cultures where the hip jewel is seen as a jewel capable of repelling evil forces and evil spirits.

However, the meanings represent the cultural imprint in the design of the jewelry at the base, but from the moment it democratizes in fashion, people wear it for other reasons that we will present below.

Why wear a waist chain?

The waist chain is a great asset (no pun intended) in your appearance for several reasons.

First of all, it is a very visual piece of jewelry, because being placed on your belly, when we look at your body, we only see it. Therefore, if it is correctly chosen, its design, its colors and its brightness will be highlighted and your appearance will be all the more aesthetic.

Secondly, it has a real impact in refining your appearance! Thanks to its position, if you wear wide clothes, it will create a fold at the level of the hollow between your hips and your ribs to give a “wasp waist” effect which corresponds to one of the essential beauty criteria to look feminine. Thanks to this optical effect, your body will appear more slender and especially with a more feminine build, regardless of your basic build.

This jewel is very suitable for clothing if you properly match the colors and design with your outfit, but its maximum potential is reached when it is placed directly on the skin.

Indeed, the waist chain is a mainly summer jewelry, made to be worn directly on the skin. The waist chain will blend perfectly with your skin to make it visually softer and brighter (depending on the skin/jewelry color combination).

Whether it is ethnic or not, all models have an extreme aestheticism on the beaches, so do not hesitate to get one!

Why wear a baya ?

Baya jewelry is simply the name of the hip, waist or belly jewelry but in Africa. It is loaded with this culture and this is reflected in their design. Although it has evolved a little by democratizing, the Baya jewelry often has a simple design with a pearl chain and very bright colors. As we find many in the clothes of these same African cultures.

We recommend it for people who like to wear bright colors in order to have a good harmony of colors on your whole appearance, or for people who want to show their open-mindedness by this mix of cultures, visible on their appearance.

Make sure you choose the right colors for your baya jewelry to match your clothes and especially your skin, to ensure a visual aesthetic, and differentiate yourself from your competitors in this race to supreme beauty!

We hope this article has enlightened you on these questions regarding the meaning of hip jewelry, why to wear it, and why to wear the designs steeped in African culture.

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