How to apply makeup in summer when exposed to the sun?

In summer, it is impossible to stop dreaming about vacations, beaches, mini skirts, unforgettable hikes and tanning. But you should also know that the sun’s rays can cause considerable damage to the skin. This is also the case when you don’t use the right products for makeup during this season. The good news is that it is possible to combine sun protection and makeup. But all this obviously has a price. This is what we propose to discover through this article.

Make regular care

To have beautiful makeup during the summer, you need beautiful skin. And to obtain beautiful skin, you must imperatively maintain it by making care. This can be exfoliating treatments, masks, regular moisturizing, etc. In fact, these treatments, especially the scrub, are essential in a successful body routine. More specifically, exfoliation helps prepare your skin for a beautiful tan. It also allows your face to breathe under your makeup. This prevents premature aging of the cells and gives you a healthy glow.

To succeed in this step, you must use natural and organic products. Since exfoliation can become aggressive to the skin when done incorrectly, we advise you to opt for a gentle process and to repeat it once a week. Apart from that, you can make masks. These allow you to nourish the skin, repair it and provide it with nutrients and the necessary hydration.

Use quality cosmetic products

Before you can wear makeup during the summer, you need to have products that are suitable for your skin type. They also need to be quality and organic. In fact, to provide your skin with a UV filter, there are a variety of products. Forget your usual foundation and use a BB cream, a sun powder, a special sun protection foundation or a day cream.

How to apply makeup during the summer

To protect your skin throughout the day while wearing makeup, you need to know the principles of application. Makeup should be worn early in the morning. Before lunchtime, the active ingredients applied would have lost their filtering effects on the skin. For this, you must first apply a moisturizer. Then, you should apply a sun protection (specific for the face and without shine effect) with an SPF of at least 30, the same for your foundation. The latter must be able to filter the UVA and UVB rays for better protection. Once these steps are done, you can apply your usual makeup. Be sure to reapply every 3 hours, depending on how long you have been exposed.

In short, to apply makeup in the summer, it’s best to opt for a sun protection product that is adapted to your face and a foundation that has a sufficient sun protection factor. These will protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. You will have the advantage of having a beautiful skin and a nice complexion after tanning.

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