Skater style: what clothes to wear to adopt this style?

Adopted in the 90s, the skateboarder style is becoming timeless. It interests not only skateboard enthusiasts but also young people who like urban wear. Here is a guide to discover interesting information about this dynamic style.

What to wear to look like a skateboarder?

Skateboarding is a high-flying sport. Athletes ride on a board to move around performing acrobatic tricks. The most gifted seem to fly while trying to overcome a block. To practice this type of sport, you need comfortable clothes that allow you to move your limbs easily.

Do skateboarders adopt the streetwear style? They like oversized T-shirts, baggy pants and flat shoes. They favor colorful themed shoes. And don’t forget the snapback cap.

If you’re not into skateboarding but want to borrow the clothing style, collect patterned tees. Aggressive themed designs are welcome: punch, skull and crossbones, sobbing knife, etc. You don’t have to go for large enough clothes. A skateboarder can go for a casual look by wearing tops and pants that are close to the body. Go for ambient colors like red, yellow, green or black. Gray is also a great theme.

For an early morning or late evening stroll around town, keep warm with a cotton or leather tracksuit. A jacket similar to that of an American rapper will also do the trick.

When to wear skater clothes?

The skater style is for going out with friends or even for a romantic stroll. Wear casual outfits when you’re away from work. Reserve your jeans, sneakers and caps for your weekend leisure activities. Don’t hesitate to organize your closet to separate work clothes from weekend clothes. At major events, keep your skater style. You’ll want to wear a short-sleeved shirt and denim pants. Wear a tennis flat that rhymes with the theme of your top.

Since most skateboarders love rock and punk music, dyed hair and piercings are becoming trendy. Especially for women, they are adopting a provocative style with heavy makeup.

Prepare your skateboarding training

As you plan to try skateboarding, buy your boards according to your budget. Choose its size according to your shoe size. At the same time, you need to acquire your sportswear. Don’t hesitate to take out an old t-shirt that will make you feel comfortable. Visit a men’s store or sports equipment store to find unique clothing. When it comes to shoes, opt for a flat sneaker that has soft soles. Look for high-quality models from top brands like Vans, Supra, Converse or Lakai.

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