What is Birthstone Jewelry?

Birthstone jewelry is a type of jewelry that is connected to a particular birth month or is a representation of the birthstone or gemstone of the month. Birthstone jewelry is usually made of colored stones or gems that are designated to a month in some parts of the world. The purpose of birthstone jewelry is to show the month of the year in which a person was born.

History and Origins of Birthstones

The use of birthstones dates back to the first century AD. The Breastplate of Aaron is a ceremonial religious garment that was worn by Moses’ brother Aaron before entering the holy place. This contained twelve stones for the twelve tribes of Israel. Each of these stones was associated with a son of Jacob, so the early use of birthstones may have been a connection to God and a supernatural protection.

During the 15th century, birthstones were also used for fortune-telling and as a way to bring good luck. People believed that if you wore the right stone associated with your birth month, you could ward off evil spirits and receive blessings from the heavens.

How are Birthstones Believed to Bring Good Luck?

Birthstones have become associated with spiritual symbolism and emotional healing. The twelve stones of the Breastplate of Aaron are still remembered in the twelve stones of the modern birthstone list. Each month is believed to have a special power that can bring luck and well-being to the wearer. The belief of the power of birthstones has been passed down through generations.

In present times, birthstone jewelry is a popular gift to give for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays. People give birthstone jewelry for recognition, luck, and to show their love and appreciation for the recipient. Birthstone jewelry can remind us of how strong and meaningful our families are.

What are the 12 Official Birthstones?

The modern-day list of birthstones is as follows:

  • January: Garnet
  • February: Amethyst
  • March: Aquamarine
  • April: Diamond
  • May: Emerald
  • June: Pearl or Alexandrite
  • July: Ruby
  • August: Peridot
  • September: Sapphire
  • October: Opal or Pink Tourmaline
  • November: Yellow Topaz or Citrine
  • December: Blue Topaz

It is believed that wearing birthstone jewelry will bring you luck and protection. If you don’t know the birthstones of your family members, you can ask them and get yourself some jewelry that you can give to them as a special gift.

Why do People Wear Birthstone Jewelry?

People generally wear birthstone jewelry for sentimental reasons. Birthstones can represent a reminder of your family and show your connection to them and their personalities. It’s a special way to display and show your love and appreciation. Wearing a birthstone of your birth month can also be believed to bring luck and prosperity.

To give a more personal touch, people buy birthstone jewelry as gifts for family and friends. Birthstone jewelry can symbolize friendship and loyalty and can even be an expression of affection for a lover. Some even believe that it can bring good fortune to develop stronger relationships.


Birthstone jewelry has been given for centuries as a way to show spiritual meaning, faith, and luck. Birthstones represent a reminder of our loved ones and give us the power to express emotion in a very special way. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone special, birthstone jewelry can make all of us feel connected.

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