Fashion accessories, much more than just “accessories”, represent real beauty arguments, especially for women. They are small complements, small details that make the difference and can perfectly sublimate an outfit or a clothing style already well established. The fashion accessories, when they are in harmony, affirm the elegance and the look of the person who wears them. Yet, many women don’t know which ones to choose because of the variety and number of these accessories. So where should we start? This article offers you the top three women’s fashion accessories. Discover them!

The necklace

No one can deny it! Jewelry is one of the favorite fashion accessories of women. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces … women are crazy about it.

The necklace, let us return, remains the ideal ornament to emphasize the shape of the face of a woman. It inspires in the ladies the delicacy and sensuality. Of course, there are several types of necklaces. For example, the handcuff necklace is a great alternative to traditional models.

However, it should be noted that not all forms of necklace are suitable for all women. Most often the morphology plays a determining role in the choice of the ideal ornament. While for a person with a long neck, a large and short necklace is a good choice, a flat and relatively long necklace would suit better a person with a small neck.

The handbag

The handbag occupies a place of choice in the rank of women’s fashion accessories. Its place in the dressing room of women has evolved a lot. But beyond its fashion side, the handbag remains above all an object of the everyday life of women, with a real practical use. It is almost impossible for a lady to leave home without keeping her handbag. Whether it is to go to work, to shop or to go to a party, the handbag allows you to take with you all your useful things: office files, keys, stamps, wallet, make-up or even some jewelry. For a woman, the ideal handbag would be the one that can be useful while keeping a glamorous touch. The size, the material and the color are all criteria to take into account to choose the perfect model.


There are two main types of headwear: those without a brim, such as caps or berets, and those with a brim, such as trilby or caps. They are interchangeable according to the season, the occasion or personal preferences. A straw hat will be the ideal ally in summer for example for outings to the beach with family or friends. But when the weather is not so good, it is better to wear a hat to stay warm.

Generally speaking, headwear adds a touch of elegance to an ensemble when it is well put together. Here again, to find the most appropriate hat, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors including the shape of the woman’s face.

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