The history of fashion is a succession of amazing anecdotes, strokes of genius and dazzling ideas. When the greatest of all Parisian designers, Coco Chanel, decided one day to put forward this garment originally made for work, some people widened their eyes and wondered if the great lady had not fallen on her head. And yet no, the success of the women’s sailor has never faded, showing once again how the vision of one can make a garment enter the pantheon.

Why is the women’s sailor jacket indispensable?

Very few know it, but the marinière is originally an underwear! But it was also and above all a garment supposed to protect men from the risks of life on a boat. Its multiple white and blue stripes were indeed used to locate more easily the sailors fallen into the water. But since Coco fell in love with the garment, the women’s sailor’s jacket has become a true beacon of fashion, which has never seen its light fade over the past century.

And today, in a world in search of authenticity and tradition, women’s sailor suits are making a comeback in the streets of our cities. You can wear it to go for a walk by the sea of course, but also to go shopping or even to visit the in-laws on Sunday. The woman’s sailor has become so iconic that it should be present in all wardrobes in France!

Sailors and variations

If the women’s sailor is so popular, it is also because manufacturers have been able to adapt to offer models adjusted to current needs. Thus, we find all kinds of sailors today. In thick cotton to protect from the biting cold of winter, curved and light to sublimate the waist in evening or on the contrary of ample cut to privilege the comfort above all, the sailor bends in four for you!

What has also changed is the range of colors available. The original is white with blue stripes, but nowadays you can reverse the colors or even opt for a combination of black and red, but also green, pink or yellow for the more extroverted! As Dyllan’s blog explains, everything is possible today for those who know how to take risks with their look, it’s the secret of social success!

Choosing the right sailor

To find a beautiful sailor’s jacket for women, you have to be careful, because on the Internet all the popular products attract unscrupulous retailers, able to offer you mediocre quality clothing without batting an eyelid. That’s why we recommend you the website, because who better than a Breton from Rennes to sell you a quality sailor’s hat?

The Breizh Club is actually a couple of Bretons passionate about their region and its traditions. In 2016, they launched and the success is immediate. Relying on quality raw materials, a precise vision of what should offer a garment that is both qualitative and fashionable, they were able to create a brand in the air of time and perfectly in line with our expectations. If you have a fashionable cut and you miss the garment that goes with it, this is where you will find your happiness!

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